eTopLighting Dual-Arm Computer Desk Gooseneck Clip On 8-LED Book Light, APL1377, Blue

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eTopLighting Dual-Arm Gooseneck Clip On 8-LED Book Light provides ample light with little energy consumption. Two light heads with 4-LED lights in each (8-LED total) provide double the light without the need of a second unit. Each light head is individually controlled, giving you the option to use just one head if desired. Lightweight design makes it easy to travel with. Flexible gooseneck arms give you full control over the direction and placement of the light heads. Features a rechargeable battery that can be quickly charged with the included USB cable and wall adaptor.

- Dual-head provides double the light without the need of a second unit.
- Individually controlled light heads give you the option of using just one head if desired.
- Each light has 4-LED lights, for a combined total of 8-LED lights.
- Two brightness settings. Push button once for bright, and twice for ultra-bright.
- Lightweight design makes it great for travel.
- Rubber lining inside of clip to provide a secure grip, and prevent damage to the surface the light is clipped to.
- Can be used as a computer, book, desk, table, music stand light, and much more!

1 x Dual-Arm Gooseneck Clip-On Light
1 x Charging Cable
1 x Wall Adaptor

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  • 8-LED clip on gooseneck light with bright daylight white light.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Suitable as a computer, book, desk, table, or music stand light.
  • RECHARGEABLE: Includes a USB cable and wall adapter for quick and easy charge ups between uses.
  • FELXIBLE ARM: Adjustable gooseneck arm makes it easy for you to position and angle the light in any direction giving for maximum flexibility.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Lightweight design making it an ideal for travel.